Bodie Wagner

This is what Bodie Wagner (yer friend and hobo) has to say about himself:

“I was born and raised as a Quaker in the village of Yellow Springs down in southwestern Ohio. As a child, I listened to a lot of Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, and calypso, and by the time that I was twelve, I was playing harmonica and tambourine and singin’ in rock and roll bands. After a few years, I picked up my first guitar, started writin’ songs, and quit bein’ in bands.

Upon leavin’ high school, I served two years as a conscientious objector, drivin’ truck for Goodwill Industries of Indiana. It was during those years that I really started writin’ a lot of songs. Used to keep me from going nuts.

Well anyway, when twenty rolled around, I had finished my service and had a passel of songs and a load of energy that I promptly started spreadin’ all over the United States. That was a few years back and that’s about all I’ve been doin’ ever since – travelin’ by thumb and rail, street singin’ and bar buskin’. Although I’ve worked in factories, washed dishes and bent wrenches, I’ve never done a job as hard as the one I do now. But I think I’ll be doin’ it fer a long time, because I love my work. So until I see you out on the road someday, I’ll bid you adieu and wish you good luck.”