CAG Adult Registration


Three-day California Autoharp Gathering event registration


General Information:

All registrations to the California Autoharp Gathering include your full festival registration and complete meal plan at the St. Nicholas Ranch. The meal plan includes seven meals, from Friday’s lunch through Sunday’s lunch. Also included in your registration is access to EVERY concert and ALL the workshops. You will also be provided access to download the entire “CAG Program.”

The CAG Program contains a wealth of information including;

  • the complete event schedule
  • tons of music
  • miles of training tips
  • and more!

Also included in your registration is the Annual CAG Barn Dance called by world-renowned folk musician and member of the Autoharp Hall of Fame, Evo Bluestein. Evo has a full fledged (fiddle) band performing live music while he teaches you how to dance. It’s a ball!

One of the favorites of all CAG attendees are the “Everywhere you turn jam sessions.” Some carry on throughout the wee hours of the night. The best part about the jam sessions is that you will be able to join in and play with the Gathering’s artists and staff.


If you are a new bee, no problem. You are welcome to jam with the pros. You’ll not only have an amazingly great time, but you’ll also learn some pretty cool things in this casual and enjoying musical environment.

… And don’t be shy!

Here’s the thing… even if you are shy within your first hour or two at CAG you’ll understand that this event is JUST FOR YOU and you’ll find yourself sitting in with everyone in no time at all. CAG is a actually a big happy family and THERE IS NO DISTINCTION when it comes to skill levels.


But that’s not all. St. Nicholas Ranch is a spectacular mountain resort and getaway. The facilities include a huge, immaculately kept swimming pool and perfect weather to encourage taking a dip (bring your bathing suits!)

There are also nature walks and an engaging Greek Orthodox Monastery tour.

The dining room provides you access to 24 hour drink service and light snacks (including healthy fresh fruit).

There is plenty of parking.

Plus, there are so many areas for lounging and jam sessions that there is just not enough time to take it all. So you’ll want to come back and join us year after year after year!

Additional information

Meal Selection

Regular, Vegetarian

Number of Guests

1, 2, 3, 4