Canote Brothers

The Canote Brothers from Seattle, Washington are as renowned for their affable attitudes and humor as they are for their music. Greg on fiddle and Jere on guitar, as well as both on banjo ukes, perform zany concerts, play for dances, lead songs, and promote a great time!

On stage, for audiences of all ages, the Canote Brothers demonstrate their love and mastery of vintage styles from old-time fiddle tunes and country songs to novelty numbers and swing. They perform with spirit, humor, sterling musicianship, and genetically matched voices. Greg and Jere share a well-honed ear for the quirky – as one reviewer put it, “their songs all have the ring of cock-eyed classics!”

The twin brothers starting singing soon after they were born and haven’t closed their mouths since. They spent their early years in California’s Sacramento Valley, inventing songs with their father at the piano and tagging along with their parents’ folk square dance group. They honed their skills performing in many bands and discovered old-time music in the mid-1970s. In 1978 they attended the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend, Washington and eventually became frequent teachers there.

After touring the country with dance caller and singer Sandy Bradley for four years, they returned to the Northwest for a thirteen year stint on Seattle’s National Public Radio show, “Sandy Bradley’s Potluck” as Sandy’s lovable sidekicks. The rigors of finding new material for a weekly show kept the twins on their toes, mining and performing gems of American music of the past as well as writing new songs in those styles.

The California Autoharp Gathering is pleased to bring back the Canote Brothers for their second visit. At CAG 2008, the Canotes were filmed performing one of their songs and was placed on YouTube. Please click on the link to view the Canotes & friends in action:

CHECK IT OUT: Greg Canote plays fiddle tune “Indian Ate a Woodchuck” (with Jere Canote, Candy Goldman, Linda Guerrero, Barry Shultz, Bob Ellis, John Gwinner and Tina Louise Barr):